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I'm a retired Senior International Civil Servant, having spent more than 25 years at the International Labor Office (ILO). I worked on Employment Policies, Tripartite Consultations, and Indigenous People. In this blog I have collected some of the most significant events and documents in which I was involved during my last years at the ILO. I now teach… Seguir leyendo Welcome — Bienvenid@s

2010 – ILO Study on employment policy

    How to implement employment and skills policies achieving full, productive and freely chosen employment in the context of the 2008 crisis?  The study covered ILO international labour standards regarding Employment Policy, Human Development Resources, Public Employment Services, and Private Employment Agencies. It also covered ILO Recommendations regarding Cooperatives and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. I… Seguir leyendo 2010 – ILO Study on employment policy