2016 OIT – Informe sobre los derechos indígenas en Perú

Following the murder of four indigenous leaders of the Alto Tamaya-Saweto indigenous community in September 2014, a Peruvian trade union and two international trade union confederations, submitted a complaint to the ILO Governing Body regarding the application of Convention No. 169 in Peru.

In June 2016, the ILO Governing Body adopted the report of the tripartite committee established to examine the representation. The Government is requested to take the necessary steps to ensure that indigenous peoples can fully exercise, in freedom and security, the rights embodied in the Convention and to punish those responsible of the murders of the four indigenous leaders. The document also analysed other issues concerning the implementation of the Convention in the country such as the demarcation and titling of the lands traditionally occupied by the indigenous communities, illegal logging, and prior consultation before the exploration or exploitation of mining resources, etc.

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