El Centenario de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo y los derechos indígenas

During a century, the ILO adopted international labor conventions and recommendations specifically linked to the indigenous issues. In this presentation are examined the main challenges facing by Convention no. 169 to obtain more ratifications despite the unfavorable context resulting from the persistent conflict between the social partners in the ILO regarding indigenous issues. Spain has ratified Convention No. 169. The impunity enjoyed by violations of Convention No. 169 verified by the ILO supervisory bodies should challenge our collective responsibility and receive greater attention in the academic world.

La convention no 158 est-elle la meilleure alliée des revendications syndicales sur les indemnités de licenciement ?

French Labour Courts are challenging the conformity with ILO Termination of Employment Convention (Convention No. 158) with the limits of severance benefits imposed by national legislation passed in 2017. The ILO has accepted that severance packages reduced by Spain in 2012 were in line with Convention No. 158.